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The bizarre world of the last ten pounds of weight loss

If you're approaching your lean goal weight, that is getting close to those last ten pounds, I gotta tell you, it gets weird.

The first 20 pounds of weight loss is pretty straight-forward. You watch your calories, eliminate junk food, and the numbers on the scale go down. Fat leaves your face, your arms, your legs, and your belly. Of course, it hangs on around your belly. And this is where it gets really weird. It becomes soft and squishy.

I've been looking at articles online and it really has surprised me to find that this is a normal process of getting those last ten pounds off. And no, I won't gross you out by posting a photo, but the fat around my waist has turned definitely into a "pooch", which is very soft, and even kind'a "lumpy". Apparently, this is the process your body goes through to make the final "flush" of that fat. It gets really soft, and you can feel the little lumps of fat underneath your skin as if they were tiny marbles. Gross, I know.

It kind of looks like loose skin, but it's not, it's just the last stages of squishy fat. I've lost 20 pounds, and that wasn't enough for my skin to have stretched, so it's not loose skin.

At this point I've made my doctor happy. I'm as lean as I've been since the '80s (like the photo above), so I could stop here. My V-taper has returned and I'm back to wearing athletic-fit clothing. Most guys, especially my age (I'm no spring chicken!), would be happy here. But I just want to see what happens next. I'm enjoying this experiment on myself.

My goal now is to "flush out" the last of the fat. From what I've read, I'm doing everything right, and I just need to keep doing it. I've got a refrigerator full of healthy food that I like, I'm staying away from junk food and alcohol, and I am continuing my daily workouts. I don't understand the science here, but I know that my body knows what to do. I find all of this fascinating. I'll let you know how it goes.
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