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How to look like Batman - in a T-shirt

Of course, just about anyone can look like Batman in a rubber suit. But looking like Batman in a T-shirt is another thing. And no, you don't have to buy a T-shirt with a Batman logo. In fact, if you're over forty, unless you're Ben Aflfeck, you really shouldn't. But that doesn't mean that you can't look like him. This is how:

• Start with a slender body. If you're fat, sorry, it's just not gonna work. Batman works out - he has a fit body. If you're fat and flabby, sorry, you're just gonna look ridiculous. In fact, even the rubber suit won't help if you're fat. Lose the weight.

• Build some muscle. Batman is lean, but not skinny. He goes to the gym, he lifts weights. In fact, I always kind of liked that about the character of Batman - his only super power was being wealthy enough to be able to workout in the gym. I'm wealthy enough to have a gym membership, and I have some weights in my spare room, so I guess I have the same super power!

• Wear a T-shirt that's big enough for you. Don't even think about wearing a T-shirt that so small that it looks like you just got caught in the rain. And if you have wide shoulders and a narrow waist, look for an "Athletic Fit" T-shirt. They're not hard to find - I find them at Target all of the time.

Batman was the first comic book I ever read as a kid. He had no magical super-powers, he was just tough, and determined. He trained hard. You can do the same!
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