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How to look good in a suit

If you're a man, you will look good in a suit. It doesn't matter if you're short or tall, thin or fat, a suit will look great on you. Even throwing on a sports coat has that effect. In fact, most of the men that I know confuse "wearing a suit" with just throwing on a sports coat. So if this is all new to you,  you can just put on a sports coat. Most people will say that they saw you "wearing a suit", and that's OK, but if you really want to wear a suit, it's different, and you have to start with what a suit is.

• A man's suit of clothes has a matching coat and pants. They are made out of the same material, and they are sold together. It's really the simplest item of clothing that you could possibly imagine, and not only does it look great on us men, it's simple enough for us to wear without giving it a lot of thought. If you're wearing a grey suit coat, you wear the pants to match. There's no need to coordinate anything - you just wear the top and bottom to match. Easy. This is part of the reason that men have been wearing suits for years. And, oh yeah, they have a lot of pockets! Suits are designed to be worn by men. We like keeping it simple, and we like pockets.

• A man's suit is worn with a white, or light-colored shirt. So when you reach into the closet to get dressed, it's a real no-brainer. Did I mention that suits have always been designed for men? This is what we like.

• A man's suit is worn with a tie. This is the only part where you may need some help. Go to a men's store, have someone show you how to tie a tie. No, don't get a clip-on. If you learned to tie your shoes, you can learn to tie a tie.

• You only need two different colors of shoes - brown and black. Brown with brown suits, and black with blue or grey. Simple.

If you've never worn a suit before, it will feel kind'a strange, like the first time you wore a real uniform playing sports. And just like wearing your uniform, you don't wear it for the first time to "the big game", if you know what I mean. Wear your suit around the house, impress your dog. Wear it out in public somewhere.

A suit looks great on a man, but especially if he seems comfortable in it. If you're not comfortable, you will look ridiculous, and you will keep pulling at it, and fussing with it. Don't do that. And by the way, wear the coat. And wear it buttoned. Unlike a sports coat, or a shawl, a suit coat is meant to be buttoned, not thrown over your shoulders. Unbutton it when you sit down, and button it when you stand up.
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