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How to exercise lower pecs without a dip bar

I'm a big fan of Lee Haywood, and when he suggested his Pull-Up Dip Workout, I wanted to give it a try. But I don't have a dip bar here and I have no plans to get one as I don't have the space.

The reason that the motion of using a dip bar is important is that it develops your lower pecs, which a regular flat bench press can't do. And the reason that you want to exercise your lower pecs is that there are three attachments from your shoulder to your chest - upper, middle, and lower. The upper chest is developed by doing incline presses, the middle chest is developed by doing flat bench presses. And the lower chest is developed by doing dips - or something similar - here is what I suggest:

If you don't have a dip bar, try doing decline bench presses. Recline the back of your adjustable bench press back down. Not too much, but enough that when you press the dumbbells, you are doing this (see picture at right). See the angle of Lee's back? That's the angle that your bench should be reclined to.

Now go do 100 of them!
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