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how to look slimmer in clothes

There are many discussions about what clothes you should wear to look slimmer. Many people choose black, or stay away from patterns, that sort of thing. But if you want to look slimmer in clothes, you have to lose weight if you are fat.

Your jeans don't make you look fat, being fat makes you look fat. Slim down and you can wear anything you want and you will look slim. Sling a burlap sack around a fit body and it will look fit. So, if you have spent a lot of energy trying to figure out what clothes to buy to look slim, put that energy into some cardio.

If you are wondering if you are fat, maybe you are. Your friends may not tell you, but your clothes will. Go look at suits. If you're a man who measures 40 inches around the chest, the pants that go with that suit will be a 34 inch waist. That is what is considered a typical 6-inch drop. Even for men with a fairly blocky build, a 6 inch drop is enough. If there isn't at least 6 inches difference from your chest measurement to your waist measurement, you need to buy a different cut of suit. The name for this cut of suit is, unfortunately, portly. I wonder if there was a time when portly wasn't offensive?

The guys in the photos aren't portly, they aren't even average, they are athletic. An athletic fit suit has an 8 inch drop. That is, if your chest is 40 inches, the waist is 32 inches. If you have very wide shoulders, by the way, you need to add an inch or two to the chest measurement. So if your chest is a 40 with wide shoulders, you need to buy a 42 suit, or else it will look funny on you, like you got caught in the rain. When in doubt, be generous with the shoulder and chest measurement. A wide-shoulder guy in a tight-fitting suit coat just looks ridiculous. But getting a 10-drop suit is nearly impossible, so if that is what you need, buy the athletic cut and have the pants taken in. You will also need to have the suit coat taken in a bit, too, or it will look lumpy.

If you have an athletic build, watch out for *slim* sizes. They are made for young guys who are very thin, from the waist to the chest and shoulders. They might work, or they might not.

Keep in mind that most Americans are at least ten pounds overweight, so clothing manufacturers make stuff to fit them. And be aware of *vanity sizing*, where the manufacturer makes a larger waist size and just puts a smaller tag on it, to make their customers feel better. Be sure to try it on!

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